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5 Disney World Mom Hacks

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

I love going to Disney! It has something for everyone to enjoy and there is food for everyone! It is magical especially when you have a food allergy or Celiac. I have traveled to Disney World many times with my family. There are a few tricks I've learned over the years and want to share them with you.

Hack 1: Have your children carry their own stuff!

Here is an example of some of the purses I made for my children. They are lightweight, as they are crocheted, and they were cute so they were willing to carry them. In their purses, I would put their sunglasses, some snacks, their autograph book, and a sharpie pen. This made the bag that my husband and I had to carry a lot lighter. These bags are also great because they will stretch. So, if you need to put an extra snack in the bag it could fit it!

Hack 2: Breakfast

Have breakfast in your room or on the way to the park. This saves a lot of money and time! My family likes to be in the park as soon as possible to beat the rush. We often pack Honey Nut Cheerios, Premier Protein shakes, and Bob's Red Mill oatmeal cups. We bring quart-size bags and put Honey Nut Cheerios in the bag so we can eat as we head to the parks. If I want oatmeal, I get hot water and a coffee on the way into the park. I can just add the hot water to Bob's Red Mill oatmeal cup and eat it on the way into the park. We do usually eat breakfast one day at the resort or in the park while we are at Disney World; as they do have gluten-free Mickey waffles and bacon!

Hack 3: Outfit Organization

Since my daughters were little, I would pack each day's outfit in a gallon-size zip lock bag. This helped a great deal when they were little. They could be "independent" and get themselves all dressed for the day. It made it really easy for them as everything they needed was in the bag. It also helped keep their luggage organized!

Hack 4: Buy before you GO!

Before we leave for sunny Florida, we head to Dollar General. Here you can buy cheap disposable raincoats for $1-$2. They are small and easy to carry. If it pours while you are in Disney it only costs you a few dollars versus Disney's disposable raincoat which would cost you at least $12 apiece. They may be a bit thicker but you are only going to throw them away!

We also go to Target or Walmart before we leave to buy small spray fans, extra batteries, and cooling towels! Florida gets VERY hot in the summer! I personally like the smaller fan that my kids can attach to their purses. They are about $6 versus $27 or more in the park. You then also have to hold that bulky fan all day! The towels are also much cheaper if you buy them beforehand.

Hack 5: Quick Dry Shorts

These are a MUST! Everyone should have quick dry shorts. If you get wet on a ride or caught in a downpour and have on jean shorts you will be very uncomfortable all day! My teenagers wear Under Armour shorts with pockets and my favorite is Road Runner R-Gear Women's Running shorts. They also have pockets which are a must!

Do you have any Disney World hacks?

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