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5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays Gluten-Free & Happy

  1. Plan-as with everything, when you have to be gluten-free, you need to make a plan. If you are going to someone's house make sure there will be food there you can eat. If not, make yourself a wonderful meal and bring it with you. When you eat it, savor every bite!

  2. Enjoy-It's easy to get overwhelmed. Sit back and enjoy spending time with those you love. If you have children, watch them enjoy the holiday, they grow up too quickly. Sit by a fire and read by yourself. Whatever it is that brings you joy and recharges you.

  3. Do something for yourself-Often we spend the whole holiday running from house to house checking items/people/places off our list. We spend so much time trying to make everyone else happy. Make sure you take time for yourself.

  4. Don't worry about what people may be think-We spend a lot of time worrying what others think of us. What if someone thinks we are being a pain because we are gluten-free? Do we need to eat gluten-free? Yes. Would we do this if we didn't have to? No. So if they want to spend all of their time talking about us, don't waste your time worrying about what they think. They are wrong, and either way we will continue to take care of our own medical needs. At the end of the's not their business.

  5. Have fun-Life is too short to not enjoy as much of it as we can. Laugh, laugh a lot and surround yourself, as much as you can, with those who make you happy.

Remember we only get so many holidays. Enjoy them, don't let others ruin our holiday. Make time for yourself. Make great gluten-free food and spend time with people you love and who love you. Happy Holidays!

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