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A great dining experience at Fogo de Chao-Orlando

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Fogo de Chao is a full-service Brazilian steakhouse. It not only has excellent food but is a great dining experience!

Our server cutting beef off for the table.

The first thing that comes to the table is pao de queijo which is a Brazilian cheese bread. It was gluten-free and delicious! We then decided to have the full Churrasco Experience. This means you have unlimited trips to the salad bar, and you have continuous tableside service with several different cuts of meat. This includes beef, pork, and lamb.

Warm Pao de Queijo

The waiter was very helpful and knew this was the first time we had visited the restaurant. He took his time explaining all of our options and how the restaurant worked as well as explaining what we could eat gluten-free. All of their meats are gluten-free, and they had salad and various fruits on the salad bar that was available as well. I could not believe how attentive the waiters were. They were at your table before you realized you needed something!

Our waiter encouraged us to also try their Brazilian drink, Caipirinha, while we were there. This is Brazil's national cocktail and is made from silver cachaca. Silver cachaca is distilled from sugar cane. I had never heard of this drink. So I tried it, and it was quite strong but delicious!

They also had a system of letting the wait staff know if you wanted more of the meat they brought around. Each person had a sign that indicated if they wanted more meat or not. I thought this was a great idea!

Fogo de Chao-Yes, Please
Fogo de Chao-No thanks

Fogo de Chao is an experience you really must try! I was so impressed by the level of detail and service we received. I would highly recommend trying a Fogo de Chao restaurant near you. The service and food were excellent. I really enjoyed trying new things!

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