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A Rare Treasure-gluten free in a small town...

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Wellsboro is a small town of approximately 3,300 people. It is located in Northcentral Pennsylvania about an hour north of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and forty minutes southwest of Corning, New York. The Main streets' gas lights, small-town charm, and the annual Dicken's of a Christmas have brought in many visitors.

"Leaf Peeping" season is also very popular here. During October the leaves are at their peak colors, and people come to Wellsboro to see the breathtaking views. This is also the home of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon which offers wonderful views of the leaves.

The Grand Canyon-Wellsboro, PA

This area, Tioga County, is well known for its many state game lands. There is a great deal of fishing, hiking, biking, boating, and hunting here. In the winter you can snowmobile, cross country/downhill ski, and go ice skating or ice fishing! If you are looking to enjoy time in the great outdoors with a small-town feel, Wellsboro and the as well as the rest of Tioga County is where you want to be!

My favorite place in this small town is StacyKay's Café. This is a gluten-free café where you can find salads, wafflewiches, paninis, and various freshly made desserts. The owner, Stacy Lanzo, is not only a great baker but an amazing businesswoman. She goes out of her way to get to know her customers and always goes the extra mile for them!

StacyKay's Cafe-Wellsboro, PA

Stacey Lanzo, like many of us, started baking gluten-free for medical reasons. As we all know there are so many reasons many of us eat gluten-free. I love that her entire café is gluten-free! There is no concern about getting "glutened."

Bakery case with so many options!

BLT Waffelwich
Blueberry donut

As you can see above this was my to-go lunch for my daughter's swim meet! How can you go wrong with a waffelwich and a donut? I'm so excited to find a place where I can eat safely! If you are ever in Wellsboro, please stop in for some wonderful food! Tell Stacy I sent you!

Let's support our small businesses that allow us to eat safely! Please leave a comment below with your favorite safe gluten-free restaurant/s and their location!

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