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Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Happy New Year!

I thought this would be a good time to tell you a little about myself. As I have had some new followers. I am married and have two children. I'm terrible at selfies, I just don't think about taking a picture of just myself. I have two dogs who are a very large part of my family. I enjoy traveling and having fun.

I was diagnosed with celiac in 2013. My four-year-old daughter, who had stomach issues from the time she started baby cereal, was diagnosed a few months after. We had taken her to a specialist when she was two but was not diagnosed at that time. After getting my diagnosis, I finally realized what might be wrong with my daughter.

My youngest daughter was diagnosed just before Thanksgiving. Up until that time, I was eating gluten-free but hadn't tried to substitute with a lot of gluten-free products. This changed with her diagnosis. I didn't want her to feel like she couldn't eat the food her sister and friends were eating.

This was a big adjustment for the whole family. My husband has been wonderful with learning all about gluten-free. Thankfully he is also a wonderful cook. He has adjusted recipes and makes us wonderful gluten-free food.

The first year was the hardest. I was sick for a year after my diagnosis. I think it took a long time for my stomach to heal. My daughter felt relief almost immediately after cutting out gluten. She was a completely different child. She wasn't complaining of a belly ache anymore!

We have come a long way in the past nine years. My house is completely gluten-free. We have our favorite products and go-to snacks. My daughter is a teenager and has sporting events which can be a little tricky but we are sorting that out as well.

The journey had taken us in many different directions. There have been many ups and downs. It does get easier with time. It's also great to be part of the larger gluten-free community. As with all things, it's important to know and remember we are not alone.

My hope is that my blogs and posts help others going through this journey. I'm going through it with you. I'm gluten-free because I have to be. It's not a choice, it's our only medicine. I hope your journey gets easier every day.

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