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Finally answers, my child has Celiac.

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

“A worried mother does better

research than the FBI.”

My youngest child had stomach issues from the time I introduced barley cereal into her diet. When I spoke to her doctor they suggested I go back to rice cereal. As I continued to introduce new foods she continued to have stomach issues.

My husband and I brought her to a specialist when she was about two. He suggested that we give her MiraLAX daily. We did this for a while but it didn’t seem to solve her stomach aches. Nothing seemed to help!

My children waiting to leave the hotel for a day in Disney World!

I will never forget the Thanksgiving right before she was tested. She was four years old. Each day of vacation she would eat and then lay on the couch complaining about her stomach hurting.

One day a few weeks before she was diagnosed, I was driving home, and she was crying in the backseat and asked me “Mom, why does my belly hurt all the time?” I remember getting teary-eyed as I kept trying to get answers but no one seemed to know why her belly always hurt.

Finally, about six months after I found out I had Celiac I went to a Gluten Free Expo. While standing in line I was talking to another mom of two. She mentioned she had one child with Celiac and one without. Oh my! How did I not realize that was what was wrong with my daughter? I went home, brought her to our family doctor, and asked that he do a blood test to see if she had Celiac. Her blood levels were SO HIGH! We finally had answers!!

My child went gluten-free the week after Thanksgiving at the age of four. The only time she has had a belly ache since then is when she has gotten glutened!

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