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Interview with Norhan from Egypt-Best Places to Visit & Eat

Now that we know a bit about what it's like to live in Egypt with celiac disease. I wanted to learn more about must-see locations in Egypt. There are many spots Norhan loves, here are her top suggestions:

  • "Anywhere along the River Nile is comforting and soothing. Whether dining/kayaking, or taking a boat ride at sunset time is magical and highly recommended."

  • The North Coast-Norhan explains "the sea is incredibly beautiful." She says the best time to visit the North Coast is in the summer.

  • Dahab-"South Sinai: is my all-time favorite and it's a good fit for solo, group, or family travelers." Here you can find "magical beaches and sunsets." As a bonus, this area "actually has multiple gluten-free options."

Norhan explains that it can be difficult to find restaurants in Egypt that are celiac-safe due to cross-contamination. "People don't understand what damage can occur."

Here are a few celiac-safe restaurant recommendations in Cairo:

  • "The Gluten-Free House-it is good for pasta, burgers, lasagna, and fried chicken."

  • Gluten-free Bakery by Chef Hamdy-this is where Norhan gets her bread, mini pizzas, and croissants.


  • "The Vegan Lab" has gluten-free meals.

There are several supermarkets in Egypt where you can find gluten-free food. Some of Norhan's recommendations are Seoudi, Metro, and Gourmet Egypt.

Norhan shared some of her favorite Egyptian dishes that can be made gluten-free. You can see some in the image above.

  • Koshari-"this is a mix of rice, pasta, and lentils with tomatoes and garlic sauce (this has to be made at home for celiacs because no Egyptian restaurant is offering a gluten-free version so far.)"

  • On the bottom right you can see Dolma. This is stuffed vine leaves or green peppers. "This is originally a gluten-free meal that can be found in any house or restaurant (just make sure to ask about the seasoning.)"

  • On the bottom left, you will see Molokheya this "is a traditional dish for most Egyptians served with rice and salad on the side as well as chicken." Norhan reminds us that if you are eating out the rice should be plain white and the chicken should be grilled because most restaurants have shared fryers.

  • Falafel & Foul (beans)-this dish also must be made at home to be celiac-safe. This dish is not pictured.

I am so grateful that Norhan shared her amazing country and Egyptian food with us.

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