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My Celiac Wishes...

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Making a wish on a dandelion
I recently asked students if they could have any wish, What would it be? You learn a lot about someone when you ask this question. It made me think about what my wish might be. Here are a few wishes…

1. We could eat out at restaurants without worries.
2. All restaurants had to be trained on food allergies/intolerances & Celiac.
3. Having to eat gluten free did not cause so much social isolation.
4. Gluten (and top allergens) were banned from all medication.
5. More people understood what it is like to worry about eating or taking medicine EVERY day.

Dare I wish for a cure for Celiac, if not for me, for my daughter?

💫What would your wish be?

Leave a comment below👇

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