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Spring is here...and perhaps stomach issues

Purple Hyacinth

Spring has always been my favorite time of year. The days are getting longer, it's light outside when I wake up and light later in the evening. The weather is getting warmer and the sun is shining. When you look out the window the grass is green, the leaves are coming out and the flowers are blooming.

Spring view of the mountains

Spring brings things back to life including me! I feel energized. I can get back on my bike and spend time outside without freezing. I love the sunshine. The knowledge of long warm summer days ahead makes me happy. It will soon be time to open our pool and enjoy time swimming in the sunshine.

I always wonder why when I'm enjoying spring and all that it has to offer my stomach does not seem to agree. Spring seems to be the time of year that I have the most problems with my stomach. Just about the time I feel like my stomach and I have come to a truce, it all falls apart. Generally, if I follow her rules, which means I can only eat certain foods, she doesn't torment me. However, when spring comes all the rules go out the window. I follow the same patterns and some mornings my stomach decides to ruin a perfect spring day.

I have never understood this. I feel like I am healthier in the spring. I spend more time exercising and eating healthier. So why does my stomach decide to torture me? What is different about spring?

According to Humanitis Research Hospital, our bodies produce more gastric acid in the spring. Apparently, this goes back to primitive times. In the winter you were less likely to find food so your body reduced the amount of gastric acid it produced. More light during the day also activates more cortisol which in turn slows your digestion. This is not a good combination. To make matters worse, Hoop's Children's Hospital, explains allergies can also cause intestinal issues. Not only can allergies cause headaches and fatigue but they can also cause stomach cramps and diarrhea. It's the perfect storm.

Perhaps a combination of all of these factors contributes to my stomach issues in the spring. This spring has been no exception for me. When my stomach starts bothering me I can feel the dread fill me. Is this going to continue? Is it a one-time problem? How can I fix this? Anyone with long-term stomach problems knows what I am talking about. How about you? Does your stomach bother you more in the spring?

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