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"Charm City"- Gluten-Free in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

I was recently able to visit Baltimore. This is one of my favorite places! I attended graduate school in Baltimore and quickly fell in love with the city. Baltimore has a small-town feel. The people here are kind, funny and very down-to-earth!

Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Places to see

Baltimore has many unique neighborhoods to explore. On this trip, we started in Federal Hill, a beautiful neighborhood with lots of old row homes just south of the Inner Harbor. Federal Hill was acquired by Baltimore City in 1880 after it was used as a fort during the Civil War. We walked from Federal Hill to the Inner Harbor. It was a beautiful sunny day to walk around Baltimore.

Montgomery Street in Federal Hill

Once we arrived at the Inner Harbor we got on the Water Taxi and headed to Fell's Point. This is a quaint area with Belgian block streets. (I suggest you wear good shoes as it is easy to twist your ankle in the street!) Fell's Point was established in 1763 and has many historic buildings. There are numerous restaurants and shops here. I used my Find Me Gluten Free App, while I was on the water taxi, to find a great restaurant for lunch!

Alexander's Tavern-lots of Gluten-Free options!

Alexander’s Tavern received 5 stars from 26 viewers on the Find me Gluten Free app. My entire party had a wonderful lunch here! I was so excited to see all the gluten-free options on the menu. I ordered a gluten-free pizza may seem crazy to some but I find it hard to find “regular” food. Those traveling with me did not have to eat gluten-free and they also had lots of great options for food.

Shopping in Fell's Point

After lunch, we visited several shops in Fell's Point. Some of my favorite shops were: Hats in the Belfry, Su Casa Furniture, and Ten Thousand Villages. Hats in the Belfry had lots of really unique hats! The person working there had a great personality and was great with customers. We then visited Su Casa Furniture. This shop had a lot more than furniture! There were lots of unique items including maps of different cities, clocks, and décor. One of our last stops in Fell's Point was Ten Thousand Villages. I just love the unique items that you can find in these stores.

Cypriana in Roland Park

This restaurant was WONDERFUL! I was worried, as I have never had Mediterranean food before. Yes, you heard me correctly! I've missed out on so much! Many of the items on the menu at Cypriana are ordered to share. This also made me very nervous! I don't normally "share" food however, my party graciously let me get food off of each plate first.

Dinner Menu-I could not believe how many choices I had!

I was worried not only about eating safely, but also...would there be anything I liked? I could NOT have been more wrong!!

This place was wonderful! Most of the food was gluten-free and it was delicious! Only two or three items on the menu were not gluten-free. Our table ordered the salad sampler and the Sesame-Roasted Feta to share.

The Sesame-Roasted Feta was AMAZING! I never would have believed I would have loved this as much as I did! This is made of Greek sheep’s milk feta with honey and sesame seeds. You have to try it. I was SO GOOD!

I ordered a beef tenderloin kebab for dinner. By the time this came to the table, I had already eaten various salads, some of my gluten-free pita, and the amazing Sesame-Roasted Feta. I was pretty full! However, the beef tenderloin kebab was excellent as well! I have NEVER had so many great gluten- free food options! It was all delicious! I was happy and full. I wish I lived closer to Cypriana, and look forward to my next trip there.

Beef Tenderloin Kebab-I may have had a bite of my fries before I took the picture!

At the end of the day, I was happy, full, and amazed! The weather in Baltimore was beautiful. It was about 68 degrees and sunny. I spent the day with fun people, ate great gluten-free food, and got to peruse some great eclectic shops. The people here are friendly and outgoing and there were great gluten-free options!

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