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The Celiac in Italy Interview-Part 2

Images of Italy Interview with The Celiac in Italy-Part 2

What is it like to have Celiac in Italy?

How knowledgeable is the food industry in Italy in regard to Celiac/needing to eat gluten-free?

"Italy is arguably the best country for celiacs. Restaurants are typically very knowledgeable about celiac disease and will communicate whether or not they can accommodate a medically necessary gluten-free diet. The key here is that the gluten-free diet never really became “trendy” in Italy the way it has in other countries. I’ve yet to meet an Italian who eats gluten-free by choice. This is immensely helpful for the celiac community because the need for gluten-free food is taken much more seriously and people have a better understanding of cross-contact risks."

Are the menus clearly marked for allergens and gluten-free food?

"For the most part yes. If allergens aren’t listed you can always ask the waitstaff who are usually very kind and helpful. The main thing to keep an eye out for is the red AiC (Italian Celiac Association) sticker on restaurant windows indicating they’ve gone through training to prepare celiac-safe food."

Do restaurants usually have something you can eat safely?

"Personally, I only eat at restaurants that are either 100% GF or certified by the AiC so I never have to worry."

What is the easiest/hardest about eating out?

"I suppose the easiest part is just that we have so many options to choose from in Italy. The hardest part for a celiac visiting Italy would probably be the language barrier."

Up next: How difficult is it to find food in Italy gluten-free?

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