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The Start of a New Journey; with Celiac Disease

A woman looking over a long windy road.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." -Lao Tzu

I, like many other celiacs, have had ongoing stomach problems most of my life. I thought when I was diagnosed with celiac disease, that I found the answers I needed. It took me over a year to feel better on a gluten-free diet. However, the truth is, I still have problems with my stomach. To be honest I don't remember ever not having a problem with my stomach. This is my "normal." Problems, I never feel like I can get a clear answer to. It continues to surprise me that I don't even realize the things I do because of my stomach issues.

  • Even when I'm really hungry, I only eat a small amount, otherwise, my stomach hurts for hours.

  • My pants are always big because I don't like things touching my stomach.

  • I never leave home without over-the-counter medication just in case.

  • There are several foods I don't eat because they have made my stomach hurt over the years.

  • I follow a routine because when I'm out of routine I pay the price with my stomach.

  • I eat the same foods because that seems to make my stomach happy, most of the time.

  • My stomach problems seem to be cyclical-just when I think it is better it starts all over again.

The cyclical part is the most frustrating! I will start to think things are getting better then out of nowhere it all starts up again. When my stomach is hurting I just want to crawl into bed with a warm corn bag and sleep until I feel better. The reality is, I'm at work, trying to pretend all is okay while feeling awful.

I have started on a new journey in the hope of finding answers and healing my stomach. It is always exciting and scary to start a new journey. I hope that this journey will help me determine what is causing my stomach issues and address the actual problems, not just my symptoms. I'm excited about feeling better but apprehensive, as I think we all are when we start on a new journey.

The possibility of not having to take medicine to treat the symptoms is exciting. I'm hopeful to find out the underlying cause of my stomach problems. So I can finally feel better and I don't have to constantly wonder in the back of my mind, "When will my stomach start hurting again."

I will share more as I continue on this journey. Until then I will start "with one step."

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