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4 foods I miss the most...

After being diagnosed with Celiac in 2013, there was a big transition to eating gluten free. I try to be upbeat and positive and not to think too much about what I miss from the days before being diagnosed. However, it would not be reality if I pretended there were not things that I do desperately miss. One of those is the mere fact that I could go out at the drop of the hat and never have to think about "Will there be something I can eat?" That really is the hardest aspect of Celiac disease. However, if I had to pick the top four food items, I miss the most, they are all bread related...

#1-New York City bagels-before I was diagnosed with Celiac, I loved NYC bagels. They were incredible! They are big and fluffy and delicious! I have not found anything that is even close to a NYC bagel.

#2-Dinner rolls-I loved dinner rolls. When you went to a restaurant the rolls came out nice and warm and they were squishy. You’d get the butter (sometimes even cinnamon butter) and it would melt on your roll. The closest I have had to a “regular” roll is a gluten free roll in Disney World at Liberty Tree Tavern.

#3-NYC Italian bread-nice and lightly browned, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Perfect to eat on its own or as a hoagie/sub. Luce’s Gluten Free Artisan Bread in New Jersey had the BEST gluten free Italian bread I have ever had. They would send you a kit and you would make it at home. I don’t know how they did it but I was so GOOD! Sadly, I believe the owner sold the business and they don’t sell it this way anymore.

#4-NYC Pizza-I know there seems to be a New York City theme here. We moved from NYC when I was a kid but most of my extended family is from there. Thin crust pizza with the cheese nice and brown…it was so delicious. The best gluten free pizza I have found is at So Napa in Florida and recently at a restaurant called La Bucca in Ashbourne, Ireland.

What do you miss the most? Is there anything that you have found that is similar to the foods I miss the most that I should try?

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