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Motherhood and Celiac Disease: Navigating Life's Joys and Challenges with a Gluten-Free Child

Little girl sitting on her mom's lap holding a book.
A mother reading a book to her child

Let's be honest being a mom is a wonderful and rewarding gift, but it is not without challenges, especially when you have a child with celiac disease. I believe parenting is one of the most important roles you can have in life. The impact you make on a child's life is extraordinary. What they learn as a child impacts the rest of their life. However, no book or guide will help you navigate all the decisions you must make as a parent especially a parent of a child with celiac disease.

A Sick Child

When you have a sick child and no one knows why, a good mom becomes an investigator. No stone will be left unturned. When the medical community tells you everything is "normal" but you know as a mom that it is not, you never quit searching for an answer. We don't take no, or I don't know, for an answer. Moms have a sixth sense about their children. We can't always verbalize it or explain it but we know.

A Diagnosis

Eventually, our child is diagnosed with celiac disease. Unfortunately, it often takes years. The relief of finally knowing what is wrong and being able to help them is a weight lifted. Then we begin to educate ourselves about Celiac disease. Wow! There is so much to learn and it feels completely overwhelming. We search the internet, buy books, and try to find other parents who also have children with celiac disease.

So Many Hurdles

Ugh! Who knew how difficult eating gluten-free and avoiding cross-contamination could be? You feel like you are running the gauntlet. Gluten is everywhere and no matter how hard you try it seems to smack you in the face. Then you have to figure out school, what will happen if there is a party at school and your child can't eat anything. What happens if they are in sports and they stop at McDonald's and there is nothing safe for them to eat? The list of worries continues.

You've Got This

You are a great mom! You are doing everything you can to ensure your child has safe delicious food. As a mom, you constantly think ahead, plan, and research. Don't be so hard on yourself. Sometimes you will make mistakes, we all do. Part of being a mom is helping our children learn how to advocate for themselves. We have taught them the skills they need to thrive as someone with celiac in a gluten world.

Take Care of Yourself

Don't forget to take care of yourself! Being a mom is a lot of hard work. Today is your day, do something just for yourself. Take a break from researching gluten-free food and worrying about what will happen next. You can't care for your child/ren if you don't care for yourself. So, get out there and do something you enjoy, and have a Happy Mother's Day.

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