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My top 5 favorite places to eat in Chicago

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

As I posted in my last blog, recently visited the beautiful city of Chicago. I left the day before the tragic shootings took place in Highland Park. I debated waiting to post about Chicago, but I feel people should hear about all the wonderful things the city of Chicago has to offer. While I was here, I met people from all over Chicago; as well as people who have moved to Chicago from Africa, Mexico and various other parts of the world. People here are friendly, helpful and kind. All the families affected by the tragic shootings are in my thoughts. Here is to all the wonderful people in the city of Chicago, thank you for sharing your city with me.

This is the BEST pizza I have had since I've been diagnosed nine years ago! I called ahead and made sure that the pizza was made in a separate oven. The gluten free dough is actually made at one site and then it is sent out to the different locations. When I spoke the waiter, he explained they have been working on perfecting their gluten free dough. They have done it! If you are in Chicago, you MUST make your way here!

#2-BIBIBOP-This is a completely gluten-free restaurant! It was so nice for my Celiac daughter and me to go in and order whatever we wanted and not worry about what was gluten-free or if there was cross-contact with gluten. We need some locations in PA and NY!

We had a great experience here. I would let them know that you have Celiac or a gluten allergy. As it is a great deal safer if they change their gloves and utensils. I noticed the utensils all touch the gluten when putting the food together. I would be nervous eating at Chipotle when it was very busy due to cross-contact concerns.

Do-Rite Donuts make three gluten-free donut options each day. They do explain that they have a very small kitchen so there may be some cross-contact. The batter is made separately and then fried in a separate fryer. Everyone has their own take on whether they feel they are safe or not. I had to fly home the next day so I did not eat the donuts. My 13-year-old however, decided to have a donut and had no issue. So even in our own families, we have to make the best decision for ourselves. She enjoyed her donut!

They do advertise as having a gluten-free roll for your hamburger. However, we went in for their shakes! I asked for a clean container for my shake, as they have shakes with gluten as well. There were several options for a gluten-free shake. The shake was delicious!

Overall, I was very pleased with the options for gluten-free in Chicago! I did a mixture of packing food, getting food from the grocery store, and eating out. Chicago's Pizza was by far my favorite! I will tell anyone that needs to be gluten-free and visits Chicago that they should eat at Chicago's Pizza, their deep-dish pizza was so good!

I did have one experience that made me nervous. We went to one Mexican restaurant that was supposed to be good for Celiac/gluten-free. When I asked the waitress questions about their gluten-free options, she did not seem to be familiar with what was available. She did come back with answers. However, when the food came out, she mixed up the orders. There were sides on my plate I did not order. I choose not to eat and got out some snacks from my bag instead. I think it's always a good idea when you have Celiac to have a backup plan. This was only one incident in five days! I think that is pretty successful!

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