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2 Gluten Free Apps You Can't Live Without!

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Searching for gluten-free products and restaurants can be overwhelming and exhausting! Do you feel like you need to do a FULL INVESTIGATION every time you want to eat?

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of the grocery store when your favorite brand is out of stock? Now you have to pick something else. You can’t just pick something off the shelf. The investigation begins…is it labeled gluten-free? No. Does it call out any gluten ingredients? Here is where some of my favorite apps can make your life so much easier!

Gluten Free Scanner

Gluten Free Scanner App
Gluten Free Scanner App

The first is The Gluten Free Scanner - it costs $3.99 but is worth the cost. All you have to do is scan the barcode or type the product in and it will tell you if the product has “No gluten-containing ingredients,” “barcode not found,” or “contains gluten.”

Why I love this app!

As long as I have my phone, I can easily look up items in the grocery store. All I do is scan the barcode. Of course, not all products are on the app, but many are. It makes searching for gluten-free items quick and easy!

The paid version also has travel cards explaining that you have Celiac disease and what items you are unable to have. This is provided in several different languages.

Find me Gluten Free App

Find Me Gluten Free App
Find Me Gluten Free App

Find Me Gluten Free comes as a free version or a paid version for $19.99 per year. I currently have the free version which has served me well! If you pay for this app, you will have access to the "most Celiac Friendly" filter and you will not have any in-app ads. I even used the app on my recent trip to Ireland!

There are two ways to search in this app; you can type in your location or type in a specific restaurant. When planning ahead I usually type in the location that I'm going to and it brings up reviews of local restaurants that are either completely gluten-free or have gluten-free items. The restaurants are reviewed by users. I think this is the best part of the app. Reviewers can state if they have Celiac or are gluten-free. The app also has a map so you can see how close the restaurant is to your location.

Once you visit, you too can go in and rate the restaurant.

Why I love this app!

I don't know what I would do without this app. It is SO helpful when traveling! When you find a restaurant on the app you can then go directly to their website to view their menu or click to call the restaurant. I recently used this app when I was in Baltimore, Maryland. It helped me find a great restaurant in Fell's Point. As I have blogged about earlier.

Overall Ratings...

I have had Celiac for nine years. I easily get sick if something is cross contaminated so I have to be very careful. These two apps make my life so much easier - I give both of these apps two thumbs up! Remember if you use the "Find Me GF app" leave a review! It works best if we all honestly review restaurants.

What are your favorite Gluten Free apps?

Share your favorite apps with me! I'd love to know what gluten-free apps are most helpful to you.

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